The 2020 SUG Elections would be conducted with the FairVote Biometrics Voting Software.

The election exercise has been broken down into two phases which are:
The Voters Registration Phase
During the registration phase, students would be registered on a per-faculty basis. This means that all students who wish to vote in the 2020 SUG Elections, are mandated to visit the registration centers in their respective faculties.

Requirements for the registration
o The student must be a bonafide member of the faculty
o The student must have a UNN Email or any valid email address
o The student must have a valid phone number.
After the registration exercise has been completed by the student a proof of registration is sent to your email.

The Voting Phase (Election Day)
On conclusion of the voters’ registration exercise, the voting phase is the next phase of the election process. This is the phase in which the voters go to the voting hall to vote for their respective candidates. The venue of the voting is the UNN e-Library.

The voting phase is divided into 3 processes which are:

– The Sign-In process: Eligible voters would be required to sign-in at the entrance of the
voting hall. The sign-in is done by placing your index finger on the fingerprint scanner.
Once its successful your six-digits password would be displayed on the screen. Copy this password before you enter the voting hall.
– The Voting process: In the voting hall you would be required to login using your school registration number, example (2000/123456) and the password you copied during the sign-in process.
– The Sign-Out process: After voting for your candidate(s) in the voting hall, you (the voter) is required to sign-out at the exit of the voting hall. This is done by placing your index finger on the fingerprint scanner.
Once this processes are successful a receipt of your vote would be sent to your email.

NB: Failure to complete the 3 processes of the voting phase would lead to your vote
being INVALID.


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