Simple steps to get into Nigeria through a Job!.

To find a job in another country can be challenging. Especially in Nigeria…. but it’s doable. After all, nothing is impossible. For some or other reason, I’ve crafted the image in my mind of Homer Simpson and his family arriving in Alaska and winning a motorcycle game after escaping Springfield during Trappuccino (the term used for the crisis where a dome was placed over the city of Springfield by Russ Cargill and the Environmental Protection Agency). But this is not television, it’s real life and I’m about to let you in on how to find a job in Nigeria, if you’re not from here.

Firstly, you need to get all the formalities ironed out.

You need to narrow your search by filtering it to the area in which you will be based, the average remuneration of the vacancy you are willing to settle for, as well as the type of employment you’ll be signing up for. Look at whether it is a part-time or full-time job and also, make sure that you clearly understand what the job requirements are.
After you are happy with that, apply for vacancies in the areas that you selected as options for you to reside in. JOBVINE has a range of multiple jobs for you to choose from in Nigeria. Anyhow, find out how to apply for the job.

Applying for the job    

It is important that you write a resume and cover letter template, which can later be altered for specific jobs. By doing this, you will save a lot of time when applying for other jobs in the country.

Make sure that you only use plain and simple capital letters when drafting your cover letter and resume, because some people find it quite challenging to comprehend text from people of other countries (if it has been hand-written).
Do you know what would be great? If you could provide references in your resume to Nigeria. For example, if you are looking for a writer’s job in Nigeria, you should try to get published in a Nigerian. publication first (like I’m doing right now) – and thereafter, add it as a reference to your resume.
Remember not to allow the fact that you cannot attend a physical interview, prohibit you from grabbing an opportunity. We’re living in a digital-first era… there’s Skype and many other ways for you to virtually have the interview done before physically meeting your future colleagues (positive vibes).
This is not limited to Nigeria, but remember to ALWAYS be polite and send a ‘thank you’ email 3 to 4 days after the interview.
The fact is, getting a work visa or work permit to your desired country, might take a bit longer than what you’ve anticipated. It can take up to several months. Well, you know there’s a hack for everything, right? Here’s what to do in the meantime…

Try doing consulting work in your own country with the company you’ve applied to in Nigeria for a few months. This way, they can get familiar with your work ethic and they can get to know you better. Also, if you are by the means, offer to visit the company in Nigeria so they can get to meet you personally before you get the job.

Here’s a great suggestion!

Move to your desired country as a student first. This is a popular approach that has guaranteed success for many. The trick is to move to the country as a student, on a student visa first, and then finding employment after you graduate. It is much easier this way. However, this only applies to those who can be admitted and pay for a school, of course.

Goodluck finding your dream job in Nigeria!.

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