Hello my audience… This article “revealed secrets to writing a good blog post” is a helpful article to both professional and unprofessional bloggers. Read because a reader is a leader.
When you are trying to write a good article on your blog, there are many things you must do to keep your audience updated.
we will explain them one after the other.

1. Good Post Title: 
Failure to use a short and an eye catching post title leads to loosing your audience.

When a post has a good and shortened heading, it will attract people to read what is inside. 
So in writing a blog post, title is important. Make it short and focused.

2. Defining Key Words: 
When writing a post, try to explain the words that makes up the post.

Your readers will be convienced that you knows what you are writing about.
Don’t just jump into the main point without brief explanation.

3. Making Use Of Punctuation Marks: 
Though i am not teaching you English, some punctuation marks in article publishing include; colon :  semi colon;  hypen –  dash— apostrophe ‘  comma,   full stop.   Exclamation marks !.

(a). When writing an article, you must know where to put fullstop and comma.
Your sub-heading should be followed by colon(:) not hypen (-)

(b). Avoid using exclamation. You are teaching your audience not a quarrel. 

4. Bold Sub-heading: 
I have gone through many blogs whereby the authors uses sub-heading but it is also like ordinary text, no difference..

Also ensure that your sub-heading has a good begining.
Always try to put in bold or important words in italics.

5. Understand Your Audience: 
The best way to Understand your audience’s choice is by going through old post that has the highest comment.

Those they comment most are the ones they like and you should be serious with such ones. 
Please don’t just write an article but think deep before writing. 

6. Interesting Begining And Closing:
Beacause how people now feel lazy to read other people’s article, they will just check the first, second and the last points.
So it should now be strategy to put good points in the first, second and last heading.

7. Use A Notebook: I can remember when a fellow blogger posted this “what do you use to write your post”
Many were mentioning Notepad while others mentioned Notebook.

Notepad and notebook are all good for writing articles. But come to think of it, have you seen a book author writing a book with a phone?
Your blog is just like a book whereby your post titles are the chapters. Authors use notebook which after writing goes for editing.
Had it been they used notepad on their phone, how would the editing be done……..think of it.

The rate at which short articles are being posted on the web is Beacause of this notepad.
With notepad, after getting about 3 ideas the others goes out. I personally makes use of notepad when i want to jote down a post title which i will go on research and then write on it later.

8. Use Images To Explain: 
When publishing an article on your blog, try to use at least 3 images. These images has a lot to do. They can explain your content even when you cannot write well and your images must be related to your publication.

9. Reference Other Authors:
Nigeria bloggers has a poor mark here. They do not refer to what others wrote about with links. The reason for so doing is for such a one not to have traffic from their blog.

If you reference other authors, other authors will reference you.

10. Be Realistic:
Tell your readers the truth and do not feed them with lies.

If you want to write on “how to make money from blogging” go ahead and tell them the facts.
It’s better you did not write on such a top than to write and hide facts.

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