The Proprietor of Hillview Comprehensive College, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos, Mrs Christiana Agamah, has advised parents to guide the career choices of their children, instead of making the choices themselves.

Agamah, at a Career Day event organised by the school on Thursday, said it was important to educate and guide the pupils at an early stage in their lives as this would prevent them from choosing the wrong careers.

She said, “We have heard of children who go to the university to study medicine, law or even engineering only for them to come out to become fashion designers or set up restaurants. We don’t believe that parents should force their wards into particular professions. If we give them all the options, they can decide what they want to become in life. Parents should allow their children to run a career they have passion for.

“The importance of the career day is that, if at an early age, pupils already found an idea on what they want to be in the future, it can help them to focus and direct their energies to the appropriate channels. It is important because we want them to believe in themselves and believe in the future they want to create.”

The school administrator of the College, Mrs Esther Shaibu, said the event was organised to motivate the pupils towards making the right choice in their careers.

“Some of the pupils are in the dark; they are confused about the profession they want to choose. They need to know on time what it entails and to work hard towards becoming whatever they want to become in the future. We want to prepare them ahead, to let them know the courses they must take seriously for them to get admission into higher institution, thereby working towards their dream careers,” Shaibu said.

She added that parents and teachers must guide the pupils in choosing the right career based on their abilities.

Also, the School Principal, Mr Michael Osasona, urged schools to stop paying lip service to vocational education, challenging them to expose the pupils to the practical side of it.

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