Recall that Reported about Kidnapped Corp ‘member’ declines freedom, joins Boko Haram but it’s not the case this time.

A member of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has demonstrated love by giving his N33,000 to the less privileged.

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However, a Corps member who received his first N33,000, out of love, gave it out to poor people.

A Twitter user identified as “tomiwa_jo” was first to share the story to make sure it gets to everyone.

He wrote;

“This corper donated his 33k to the less privileged in his area, news like this no dey go far…”

However, tomiwa_jo’ did not mention where this act of kindness took place. He only shared the photo of the corps member in question. Meanwhile, our agents are working toward contacting him so we can get more details.

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