Registrar, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Prof Is-Haq Oloyede, has bemoaned poor funding of the country’s education sector, noting that the country’s investment ranks abysmally low among other African countries.

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According to him, Nigeria’s allocation to education over the years has been an average of 7.02 per cent.

Oloyede on Monday, delivered a lecture entitled: “Investing in education for the future of our children’, at the 70th Anniversary lecture of Ijebu Muslim College, in Ijebu-Ode,Ogun State.

He noted that funding had become a challenge and that the government must invest heavily in education to move the country to greater heights.

“Funding is especially a major challenge and the government has a lot to do in investing in education in order to propel Nigeria to higher heights,” Oloyede began.

He continued: “A comparison of education funding as a percentage of GDP among 16 countries in 2016 revealed that Nigeria invests the least among them.

These countries studied and their percentile investments include Togo(5.0 per cent), South Sudan(1.80 per cent),South Africa (5.90 per cent),Sierra Leone (2.90per cent), Rwanda (3.50per cent), Mauritius (5.0 per cent), Mauritania (2.60 per cent), Malawi (4.70 per cent), Nigeria(0.47 per cent) among others.”

The JAMB helmsman who described the country as “one of the worst funders of education in Africa” appealed to the authorities to ensure all children are provided with quality and accessible education.

He bemoaned the challenges bedevilling education in the country while canvassing proper policies and implementation to tackle them.

“Education in Nigeria is challenged by endemic corruption, incompetent school administrators, lack of national priority for education, infrastructural decay, and lack of quality parenting, among others.

Thus, these challenges must be confronted head-on from policy-making level down to the level of implementation,” he noted.

Oloyede, a former vice chancellor of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), urged the government to transform the youth through education because they are crucial to nation-building and development.

He said: “It is suggested that if the government and all relevant sectors could take urgent steps in educating and transforming the youth, the goal of attaining a future suitable for all would be actualised as the larger percentage of the citizens who could effectively possess the skill sets necessary in national growth and development are the youth.”

He noted that to actualise the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 by 2030, huge investment in education is quite crucial.

“To achieve the (SDG) 4 by 2030, we need to appreciate that huge investment in education is a crucial enabler of the attainment of the goal.

Hence, educational standardisation processes also have to be strengthened across the board. Effective monitoring of activities in our schools and colleges has become a matter of priority.”

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