Who collect my pant for here” the regular complaint of Ebere woke me up, slothfully i managed to check my phone “gush” it was 6:30am already, that wasnt how i scheduled 

my day to plan out, fishing out my bucket under the bed i ran to the bathroom to meet with the frustrating queue waiting for bath “Dika you still dei house” my idly landlord asked spitting out the chewing stick from his old rotten gum “oga landlord good morning abeg shei i fit use the extra bathroom i hurry i don late for work” the already whispering neighbours turned to his direction to get his reply but he already signaled that i could go on.

Strapping my towel arround my small breast, i quickly locked the bathroom handing the keys over to the old man who was already inpatient “after if i no gree na e go be like say i wicked see as u just waist my time money I no collect” walking into my room without a single word i turned on my radio to “HMgist” speeding up with the dressing and heading to work. Getting to the office took another 20mins from me due to the traffic and i knew my boss wont reason that as an excuse “Dika i no go cover for you again this one na be the last i swear” Amaka spatted out angrily moving towards Mr Badmus our usual customer, i was lucky to have a colleugue and friend like amaka in fact she was one in a million “Dika why you stand there like gbonga fish wei dog chop remain you no go go answer customers” madam light ordered . Started the usual serving as my duty required , smiling to all customers including the disgusting ones like mr Abel “Dika Dika my tomatoe how far na…” quietly i stood still at his face not wanting my madam to react negatively to my rudeness “Mr Abel what would you take today” the black pig smiled moving his gaze to my laps as he has always done since i started working here “na you naaa” he replied almost placing his hands on my breast, hitting his head with a tray i pleaded with Amaka to help me contain him “make una do my customers well oh” Madam light yelled as usual we all replied “yes ma”.

It was i and amaka’s turn to sweep the shop at the end of the day, and as we tidied we sang along with the melodious rythym from HMgist “how far that your mumu neighbour she still dei disturb you” amaka asked mocking me with her laughter, i dont blame her at all it was life and condition i blamed for putting a graduate like me into such predicament “today she was looking for her pant screaming repeatedly at the direction of my room” i cooperated sitting my aching waist on a chair “wait oh na pant now she dei look for ni heiheiii wetin dei worry ebere sef” Amaka teased laughing and clapping her hands . Ebere is one neighbour that i wouldnt pray for an enemy to have, she has this dominiaring spirit maybe because she has a descent job, earns fifty-five thousand in a month coupled with the i-pass-my neigbour recent achievement ahhhh she fixed the generator facing my room just to torment me………. no one in the compound wanted to have an issue with her so they could borrow from her and at least charge their phones when NEPA does thier magic “I don tell you say make you pass this girl matter give me you say no hmm i dei pity you oh” picking up my bag we made our way home as fast as we could cause Madam light’s resturant closes at 10pmm and resumes at 6am .

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