Is glo always deducting your airtime even when you are not browsing? Does your airtime keep going down whenever your data is on even when you are on a data plan? This can be very annoying, but there is a solution, this article present how you can stop your glo line from deducting your airtime for internet usage.

First you need to know there is a plan called PAYU. The Glo PAYU plan is a special plan that allows you to surf the internet at low costs using the available airtime on your phone. This means whenever you access the internet without a data plan, your airtime will be deducted, so you have to deactivate this plan.

How To Cancel / Deactivate the PAYU plan

To deactivate the glo payu plan, all you need to do is send CANCEL to 127.

How to stop Glo deducting your Airtime for internet even when you are on a Data Plan

If you use globacom network on your smartphone and noticed that even though you subscribed to a data plan and have the the proper GloFlat APN configuration on your device, you are still being billed for internet usage from your airtime. So what to do to stop your airtime wasting away when you already have a data plan running.
This experience usually happens on a few Android and Windows Phone smartphones. The mobility blog has cracked the nut and found the solution to this problem.

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