Today we are going to learn how to download videos from our Facebook wall, most times when going through our Facebook page we might see interesting videos and we may like to download it and show to our friends or loved ones or just save it on our phones or laptops but we don’t really know how to go about  it.
You can download video from your Facebook wall with the help of
follow the simple steps below.
Step 1. Copy the Facebook Video Link
This is very important  you must copy the URL or the link of the intended video because you will need to paste the link of the video in the VIDEO URL box of any Facebook video downloading site you intend to use. To do this, follow the following simple steps:

  • Click on the video to open it
  • When the video is opened, right click on the video and automatically the url or the link of the video will be displayed for you to copy
  • Next, copy the highlighted url or link of the video

  1. Step 2. Paste the video link
After Copying  the link to the video paste it into an input field at ( helps you automatically download the video once you paste the link).
Click the “Download” button on the right. You will be prompted to choose the format and quality of the video file to download.
You will be shown a list of direct links to all videos on the web page.

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