A young Nigerian– A young  lady has raised shocking questions about God on social media.

 – The young lady who shared her views on social media noted that how can God not kill Satan if he is really God 

We  have come across a shocking post shared by a young Nigerian lady on social media.  

The young lady identified simply as Mhiz Becca has raised questions about God on her Facebook page. 

In a post shared on Facebook, Mhiz Becca who denounced God stated that God should be able to kill Satan if he is really God. 

The lady further noted that the God who killed his own child cannot kill the devil. She wrote: “How can you be God and you cannot kill Satan the devil that is causing evil and you went to kill your own child??? That’s foolishness.” The lady’s post about God is coming after a young Nigerian man also shared a post on Facebook claiming that he was born to destroy all types of religion because religion is a scam organized by people to brainwash others. 

After the Facebook post went viral, many Nigerians expressed that the statements made about God are blasphemous. People who disbelieve the existence of God or gods are known as atheist but because it is widely believed that Africans as a people are extremely religious, it came as a shock to Nigerians when fellow Nigerians made blasphemous statements. 

Facebook users expressed concern about the behaviour of the lady, stating that she needs to seek forgiveness for the statements she made. 

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