My beautiful Millan, my partner and addiction…..if anyone told me I would ever live this long without millan hm that would be the end of discussion between us, millan was a part of me that my family and friends felt as well , we never had to quarrel longer than an hour  since we got attracted that was how close we were and much more. We officially met during our second year in the university, she was this funky crazy little bad ass lady and everyone knew her in campus and Identified her easily cause of her low cut, gold hair, fearless and excessively naughty attitudes.

We were in the same faculty though I didn’t notice her much even if she was everywhere, always picking on someone or disturbing the class, she was regularly sent out at the middle of every class due to one naughty act or the other but at the end she makes the best grades ,maybe that was the reason most of the lectures in my faculty loved her, those who didn’t either lecturers or students was either forced to love who she was or stay out of her way or….she made your life miserable, that was my millan.

One of the exam periods during my second year, that was the first semester I guess Volk ran to me “guy you are here man you are missing a lot mhen” Staring at him for a while  made me realize that what he was about saying wasn’t a meter close to academics so I went back to my book, he continued ranting about one popular student in our faculty misbehaving to an extent she almost fought with a lecturer, I smiled well maybe the lecturer deserved it for not minding his  business and even if the student should be dealt with severely I thought as I went through my text book , which normal person engages in a fight publicly I asked myself.  “Volk I think we should leave since you wouldn’t let me concentrate on this book” he felt very disappointed cause he expected  me to  enjoy his epic story, we moved towards the hostel and met a crowd gathered not too far from where we were headed, as we walked farther while a lady and her friends rudely pushed us aside to make way for themselves , they were dressed in rare colors with deep red eyes especially the one at the middle who was looking very upset, I reacted immediately “hei watch were you are going” And there she was Millan raising her strong firm hand to hit me, I dodged instead gripped her hand stronger…..she tried to loosen the grip but couldn’t “let go now” understanding the Ego filled voice pleading for no further embarrassment , I let her go immediately and continued to my hostel. Getting into my room “my guy how far now, wetin she do you” Volk who left suddenly to save himself asked as he checked me “Oga free me abeg na wetin make you run abi because of woman” He laughed at my reply telling that if I saw what she did to that Lecturer single handedly I wouldn’t even think it, stupid boy! I cursed getting my bucket so I could get a nice bath.

The class was quiet cause it was Prof Gemajin , that man was one mean person you didn’t want to joke with, apart from being our Dean he was also my academic adviser along with few other students, though anyone who wanted serious council went to him. He was a very intelligent lecturer and he hardly left the class without making sure that 80% of the students present got what he taught for that period, he was still lecturing when Millan walked chewing gum loudly while walking very comfortably, I was surprised he wasn’t distracted…he continued on the board till he was done explaining that point “who was the last person who walked in” No one dared to point at Millan ,he looked round and figured it out himself “hei miss leave my class” She looked back and sideways putting it clear to the class she was ridiculing the elderly man “leave my class young lady” he repeated , this time she got up went straight to him staring at him from his head down to his toe “can see you now got your balls intact” she said not too loud but I heard it and any other person sitting in front would have too.

To be continued………………

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